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Oman Waste & Environmental Services Conference & Exibitioon

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Oman Waste & Environmental Services Conference & Exibitioon , Konferenz und Messe,  vom 4 bis 5 Dezember 2017, Sultane of Oman

Konferenz und Messe

Sultane of Oman

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OWES is Oman’s largest environmental event and actively supported by reputed local and international regional entities like Be’ah, Haya, PAEW, and EcoMENA.

OWES brings together policy-makers, domain experts, engineers, technology companies, scientists, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, equipment suppliers and other professionals on a single platform to discuss environmental challenges in Oman and explore plausible solutions. OWES strives to focus on all aspects of environmental and waste management sector in Oman. Infact, the exhibition, technical sessions, panel discussions have been designed to address major environmental challenges in Oman, including but not limited to solid waste management, industrial waste management, sewage, air pollution, water pollution, ecological degradation, green buildings, climate change, environmental management and environmental awareness.

OWES will highlight the environmental impacts of refineries and petrochemical industries of Oman and will provide environmental compliance solutions and procedures for such facilities.

More than 100 top environmental specialists from different parts of the world are expected to participate, providing an excellent opportunity for peer networking, knowledge-sharing and brainstorming.

OWES will provide stakeholder, including policy-makers, investors, public sector as well as private sector, a perfect venue for dialogue to exchange experiences on how to best improve Oman’s environmental and waste management capabilities.

The exhibition will serve as a solid platform to showcase the latest products in environmental monitoring, industrial pollution abatement, solid waste management, hazardous waste management, recycling, waste-to-energy etc., thus emerging as a key environmental sourcing hub for the entire GCC. Waste management is a challenging issue for the Sultanate of Oman because of limited land availability and adverse impacts on environment and public health. With population of almost 3.9 million inhabitants, Oman generates more than 1.7 million tons of solid waste each year. The average per capita waste generation is more than 1.2 kg per day, which is equivalent to about 4700 tons of municipal waste every day.

Solid waste management scenario in Oman is marked by lack of collection and disposal facilities. Solid waste, industrial waste, e-wastes etc are deposited in scores of landfills scattered across the country. Oman has around 350 landfills/dumpsites which are managed by municipalities. In addition, there are numerous unauthorized dumpsites in Oman where all sorts of wastes are recklessly dumped.

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